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This statement has been approved by the Administrative Commission on June 1, 2021 (approved revision | translate this page)

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Destinado a los miembros de WMSP

In the name of the Administrative Commission and acting under the principle of transparency, we would like to explain a little regarding the group recent name change

During the 20 years of existence of the Wikimedia movement, the majority of the effort has been focused in the already well known developed projects: Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata. Few data exists about a proactive support towards the small projects, and even when some affiliates decide to support some, the rest are left without protection.

The creation of Wikimedia Small Projects meant a change in this model; the Wikimedia movement should not focus only in developed projects, but also in all of those that make up the wikiverse. Our firm resolution is to accomplish that each small projects has its moment of fame.

As it is well known, on 27 June 2020 we requested recognition to the Affiliation Committee. During that times, there was skepticism towards the initiative and a longer than usual delay. During that time, the group has grown in members; people interested in the mission of the group, from different countries and that speak different languages.

It was not until 19 May of the current year that a conversation to clarify questions could be had. It is there where the possibility of recognition is seen, since the Affiliation Committee understands that our mission is to support not only one or two projects, nor only one or two countries, and neither only one or two languages. It is ambitious, but we must strive for it.

Despite this, it was required that she had to include a country or a specific language in our name and to focus in a single language because there is a possibility that a new affiliate wishes to have our same focus and is hindered. In twenty years it was not done, and while we would love for it happens, it looks far away.

But the meeting was not only a requirement, but a clear advice as well: start with a language and keep growing. While our initial focus is Spanish, the long term goal to extend to other languages has been extended.

Wikimedia Small Projects will follow its pillars: the support to other linguistic communities will not be affected. Every linguistic version of each small project will have its moment to shine. The new and current affiliates that wish to join us in this journey will be welcomed. The 2030 strategy will be changed.

Wikimedia Small Projects pictures a movement where every project is supported in the same way that Wikipedia currently is. It will be difficult, but not impossible.

The official name of this group is Wikimedia Small Projects in Spanish User Group. But our brand will always be Wikimedia Small Projects, WikiSP or WMSP.

Please, let us keep moving forward.


General Coordinator Wikimedia Small Projects in Spanish User Group


The signatories below confirm having read the statement and agree with its content. For this statement to be official, two of the three members of the Administrative Commission must sign below or, instead, 8 of the 15 active members of the group. Para firmar use #--~~~~

Miembros de la Comisión Administrativa
  1. --Galahad (discusión) 02:53 30 may 2021 (UTC)
  2. --NoonIcarus (discusión) 08:40 2 jun 2021 (UTC)
Miembros de WMSP
  1. Hispano76 (discusión) 23:33 31 may 2021 (UTC)
  2. --Bromoxido (discusión) 04:11 24 jun 2021 (UTC)