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Propuestas:Promoting eswikivoyage

Promoting eswikivoyage

Nueva propuesta Bajo revisión Decisión final
OOjs UI icon check-green.svg Conforme a la recomendación del Consejo, la Comisión Administrativa ha aprobado esta propuesta.

El siguiente comentario expresado por Galahad denota los motivos por las cuales ha sido aprobada:

«Es de interés del grupo colaborar con la promoción de eswikivoyage»


Wikivoyage brochure for newbies

WMDE has created a brochure for new contributors. It was spreaded in hostels and hotels in Berlin and Fussi did the same in pubs and restaurants in his hometown. After the pandemic he will spread out more in all the tourist places in his home region. To use it for voy:es we should:

  • get the files and have it translated. Fussi will contact the community guy at WMDE to arrange this.
  • we should be sure, that all mentioned features are available at voy:es as well.
  • have it printed in an Spanish speaking region and
  • have it spreaded

Technical help

Maybe we can help Spanish Wikivoyage. I was told, Wikidata information should be available at the wiki.

Features from Wikivoyage/de

On German Wikivoyage we have some nice features for object entries (listings, we call it VCard) and for maps with POIs, multiple maps and routes/tracks. All with full Wikidata support. I can setup them at Spanish Wikivoyage as well after analyzing the wiki and if the Spanish community wishes to do so. I would need transwiki-import rights at the wiki (normally not per XML (this wouls demand special importer rights, which I have on wv:de only), the "normal" import should be enough, hopefully) but we need to do a steward request to enable the import from wv:de. The normal transwiki-import needs admin rights.

These are the features we currently have. To see, how it works you can take a look at the articles about Ko Lanta (Listings with WD support, multiple maps including routes) and Cottbus (Listings with WD support including opening times, wheelchair, WiFi...)



esvoy has Listado (and some derived templates) with a few options to be displayed. No data are fetched from Wikidata directly.

{{listado | nombre = | alt = | url = | email = | dirección = | lat = | long = | indicaciones = | tlf = | tlf_gratuito = | fax = | precio = |estrellas = | horario = | descripción = | imagen = | wikipedia = | wikidata = }}

devoy has only VCard. It displays everything, from email via accepted credit cards and opening times to facbook and skype. Everything can be saved at wikidata. Even the type of cuisine in a restaurant. No local information are needed, but the wikidata ID. Example from devoy: Greek restaurant Mythos.

{{vCard | name = Mythos | type = restaurant | wikidata = Q100428037 | auto = y | description = Sehr gutes und beliebtes griechisches Restaurant mit stilvoller Inneneinrichtung und reichlich Plätzen und flotter Bedienung.}}

This code shows all information directly from Wikidata. Click at the "info" link at the end ob the restaurant entry. It opens a popup window with all the information. It says "Please take me to..." plus the address. We call it "taxi button". The user can open the article on his mobile phone, click on the button and show it to a taxi driver. The template recognizes the coutry, where the object ist situated and shows the entry in local language. If you click on amn object in an article about a Thai city, the window information for the taxi driver is shown in Thai language: Check it out: Sincere Guesthouse on Ko Lanta island in Thailand or a Spanish entry.

The listing editor is much bigger on devoy as well.

Its a lot of work to install it on esvoy. But if you think its useful, I can try do it (and you have to translate all the messages and documentation to Spanish).

Be Aware! There is no tool to edit Wikidata inside Wikivoyage. User have to edit directly in Wikidata. And the Wikidata user interface is for nerds only. But Wikidata is not mandatory. User can use the local listing editor and save information in the local wiki as well. Every information has its own template parameter. Just switch the "auto" parameter to "yes" and the template tries to find all missing information at Wikidata.


Just a little brother of VCard with less information but can be used in continuous text. Usefull for train station, airports...


The German Mapframe shows a map including the markers and VCards. You can add/overlay maps from commons or shapes from Wikidata as well as polygons to show provinces, towns, routes, hiking trails. You can add more then one map in one article (e.g. in Ko Lanta - the diving hot spots are shown in a separate map, the first map contains the normal markers and some routes). The mapframe on voyes seems to have less features. -- DerFussi (discusión) 17:58 23 feb 2021 (UTC)